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In plundering the planet's treasures, men may gather riches, but more profound wealth is lost...  

Nia Gaines is the newest member of Zak Bate's Eco-Adventure task force—it's only, she doesn't know it yet. When Nia's parents drag her along on a business trip to China, the source of their affluence soon becomes clear: ivory, prized since ancient times for its beauty and never before so rare. In Beijing's back-alley curio shops, the prices are great...but what's the cost? The answer will change Nia's world.

Along with Zak Bates, Ra-Kit the Magic Cat and Sampson the Flying Dog, her journey will shed light on the darkest facets of humankind...but, even poachers have families to feed, and no solution is simple. What can be done to promise peace for man and those at his mercy? 

        A call to arms, to wings and fins...

An eloquent environmental message for our times! 

Ghost Elephant is book III of the Zak Bates Eco-Adventure Series—designed for those who wish to save the Earth and all its creatures.     


Ghost Elephant is the third eco-adventure of Zac Bates, this time aimed at rescuing elephants from a gang of brutal poachers at the Thula Thula game reserve in South Africa. Considering the target market, it is great to be able to read such a clean adventure fantasy highlighting the scourge of poaching. 

Read of their adventures and the dangers they run into while trying to save the elephants. Grab this great book and you will discover the horrors committed by poachers, the slow disappearance of these endangered animals and what we all can do to try and stop it. A wonderful book that will teach our children of what greed can do to one of the earth's most magnificent creatures.

A fun story for young people or grownups who are young at heart. This book is part of a series of books about a team of young people who specialize in caring for animals, especially those which are endangered. They are accompanied by a duo of a flying dog and a magical cat. Even though it is one of a series of books, this book can easily be read as a stand-alone. The characters are presented in an easy to understand manner. I found the story to be very enjoyable, plus I learned a lot about the poaching problem in Africa and at the end of the book, there are various ways listed that explain how we can all help with this issue.

The author has penned a spell-binding tale of an adventure taken by two American girls, a couple of young boys, a big flying dog and a magic cat. The book is part of a series but can stand alone. The protagonists, under the banner of the "Eco-adventure Team," are determined to save the endangered animals This story should encourage preteens, teens, and young adults to care more for our ecosystem and elephants in particular. Recommended.

A wonderful book that tells the truth. If we're not careful, the Elephants will be lost forever. Such an enlightening story. Loved it.

This story is more for a teenager. However, I did enjoy the story (and I am quite a bit older than a teenager!), especially the interaction of the animals. It's very relevant as to what is happening to elephants in Africa today.

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