Hebrew Prayer: The Resonance Of Saints

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This commentary, the fourth full length book from the author, provides a broad sweeping overview of Hebraic Prayer in a traditional mainstream Jewish as well as a Messianic Judaism or Hebrew Roots perspective.

From Israel's very beginning the importance of both ritual and dynamic prayer (communally and individually) has been well understood and documented within the Jewish tradition. For millennia the Jewish prayer tradition has maintained that the purpose of prayer is for the believer in the G_D of Israel to commune close enough and long enough with G_D in order to discern G_D's will for the individual and Israel. In essence the object of prayer is G_D and the objective of prayer is G_D's will ... and not our own will!

But there is very much more to the Hebrew tradition regarding prayer and this work in summary fashion exposes these traditional aspects through review of Israel's great and notable ritual prayers (The "Shema Yisrael"; The "Amidah - Standing Prayer(s)"; and The "Aseret Hadibirot - The Ten Commandments"). In addition to the review of the great ritual prayers of Israel, this work also peers into the realm of dynamic personal prayer through review of selected Psalms.

What is uncovered within these reviews is the great national, social, covenantal and religious framework of Israel. What is uncovered within these reviews is the very heart of Israel ... their hopes as well as their dreams of complete restoration. But these reviews also enable us to peer into the heart of the Psalmists, particularly King David, wherein we find the great depth and mystery of traditional Hebrew prayer ... wherein we find G_D's real desires for his children.

And ... far beyond the beauty and wonder of Hebraic prayer in a traditional Jewish perspective, we are confronted with the revelation of Yeshua HaMashiach (Jesus the Christ) wherein we see the emergence of the perfected Hebraic prayer dynamic in and through Messiah himself.

This commentary objectively explores the aspects of Hebrew prayer in a B'rit Chadasha (renewed covenant) light and views Messiah's revelations to us within a traditional Hebraic perspective. The results of the reviews presented speak on their own behalf and point to the astonishing conclusion that Messiah Yeshua himself completely upheld the Jewish tradition regarding both ritual and dynamic prayer ... while at the same time revealed a previously hidden dynamic wherein he himself is the object of prayer ... he himself is the objective of prayer ... he himself is the resonance of saints!

If you have ever wondered how Yeshua (Jesus) presented himself to Israel as the "Master Rebbe" ... if you have ever wondered what Yeshua's personal teaching/Torah was all about ... if you ever wondered how the Jewish Messiah taught his disciples to pray, then you will assuredly benefit from this commentary.

Religión y espiritualidad
21 de septiembre
P. R. Otokletos
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