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'He has a wonderful talent…convincing, finely focused and dark' -Alison MacLeod, author of Unexploded-

'Subtle, intimate and haunting stories that resonate long after reading' -Danny Rhodes, author of FAN- 

Heidi Seek and other stories is A. F. McGuinness's debut collection, featuring award-winning fiction alongside brand new work.

Inspired by Edgar Allan Poe, M.R. James and Franz Kafka - all past masters of mystery, imagination and horror - these dark, psychological tales delve into the haunted recesses of the human heart, exploring the fine line between dream and nightmare, good and evil, real and unreal; a twilight world where nothing and nobody is quite what they seem. Hidden here are lost souls, misfortunates and murderers, freak accidents and fated disasters - and a curse that rolls down the ages. In this unpredictable landscape, only one thing is certain: you can hide, but they will seek you out…

These six unsettling stories shine a light into the murky shadows of human deceit and desire, exposing hidden terrors lying just beneath the surface of the everyday: a deathbed confession rekindles shocking childhood memories of the 'Murder Game'; a magical weekend in Prague is interrupted by a mysterious femme fatale; a guilt-ridden priest prays for redemption under the hands of a devilish dentist; a sweat shop worker falls through layers of hallucination, his life on a knife-edge; adulterous lovers awake from bad dreams to find themselves in a heart-stopping nightmare; and in the title tale, 'Heidi Seek', a family rents an idyllic country cottage, unaware of its tragic past, until their daughter finds a macabre doll's head buried in the black mud…

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marzo 31
Red Sail Press
Matthew Horner