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This book was written with the aim of addressing key Christian issues critically. The book covers in a fundamental way those issues and leaves room for the reader to research for more information about the covered issues. Additional information about the issues studied will definitely come up as days move by and other new issues will also arise. Because of this reason, the content of this book represents the information available about the covered issues at the time of writing. However, the biblical principles taught hereinafter remain the same forever no matter whether new information or issues become available or not.
Addressed issues include: revelation, inspiration, and authority; the Christian and culture; reasons to have confidence in the biblical text; how to use critical analysis in the study of the four gospels; synoptic gospels: what one learns from them and how one may use them today; Jesus; Old Testament theology; New Testament theology; the Church: yesterday and today; and the New Testament and contemporary life.
The addressed issues are critically analyzed through a series of persuasive essays in such a manner that the reader will be excited to read through all of them. Each essay forms a chapter in the book. This book is a must read for those desiring a solid foundation in the things of God. Readers of this book have manifested a lot anointing in their ministries and life.
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Religión y espiritualidad
diciembre 29
Apostle Robert Muli
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