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It is a fact SATAN is our enemy, not people. Tragically, however, we
sometimes think of Satan as more of a doctrine than a reality. Often we
major on Bible doctrine and we get bogged down with doctrine. For
example, the Holy Spirit. What is He? He is a Doctrine? Oh no! He is not
a doctrine! He is God, and the spirit and power of God. Satan is not an imagination; he is not a theory; he is not a doctrine. The world mostly treats the
devil as a myth. And unless we are careful, we also could be inclined to
treat him so. Yes, we know he is the devil, but aren’t we very vague
about his activity?

In Ephesians we have three refences to Satan. “The prince of the power
of the air” (2.2), “ The devil” (4:27), “The evil one” (6:16); and in
chapter 6 we are warned also of spiritual powers that contest our
spiritual walk; very powerful forces of evil and organized, and work in a
very governmental type of way. Satan’s world-forces are more organized
than the best army in the world. SATAN is the chief of the evil hosts.
Under him, there are RULERS. These are very intelligent demonic beings.
Some evil spirts are much higher than others. There are various
categories or levels of demons. Some of these evil creatures are already
in chains of darkness (Jude 6). But it’s those who are still operating in
the realm of men, that we confront. Then there are PRINCIPALITIES and
POWERS – demonic princes in charge of areas, communities and people
groups. Under the authority of Satan, they form a governmental structure.
In this book, I discuss how to wage spiritual warfare, and I share with
you KEYS and Strategies of how to live a victorious
Christian life against the devil.

Prior Tafirenyika is an author born in the early 80’s, was a
successful business man, before he become a pastor. Tafirenyika ad
dresses critical issues affecting individual’s spiritual life’s experiences drawing much
attention from his family background in which his grandfather practiced witchcraft to its highest level. Due to lack of knowledge by the other family members the Tafirenyika clan came to an end with
only a few members of the family being alive as to date
(Hosea 4:6). Prior was always encouraged to start a new generation
by his mother Pastor Unice just with the story of Jabez
(1 Chronicles 4vs9-10).

Religión y espiritualidad
octubre 23
Prior Tafirenyika
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