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Today the atmosphere cracks with excitement and the anticipation of dynamic challenges as we transition from one government to another. We must take drastic actions to recovery because we cannot afford to elect leaders that are political Svengali who will cozen their way to the top to enrich themselves at the expense of everyone else. Liberia is at the crossroad and in the state of shock because of all the happenings in the country; the time for change has come to take us to the foundation of recovery, molding the minds of young Liberians. Thus, the keys to national recovery are set to catapult the nation into a new era. A nation cannot be built on falsehood considering our relationship to Yahweh. It should be built on trust. For instance, the leprosy of Naaman was inflicted on Gehazi for his falsehood and covetousness.

In this life-changing material, Zack Roberts reveals the secrets and truth concerning national recovery. Zack empties his heart into this book with one major mission. Through the lessons outlined in this book directed by Yahweh, the transformation of our nation will take place when our minds are renewed and every Liberian become a catalyst for the transformation we seek. We cannot bring about change if we are not changed. There is a grave need for someone who will stand as a symbol of hope for the new Liberia.

He also shares this life-changing truth about how to turn our present circumstances around and experience recovery for the nation. There is a need for a new leadership that will serve as the benchmark of what we hoped for, someone who will as serve a standard by which others may be measured or judged. Said leadership will serve as a test to check the standard others. It will have to become the model to accelerate the process and progress of transformation without being consumed by the institutionalized system of corruption.

As Liberians, we must be ready for the inevitable changes taking place in our nation. Zack shows us that we must change our perception of ourselves. We have been victimized by past leaders, but we must not remain victims. We must change our attitudes and our past approaches and must be willing to embrace the new Liberia. Keys to National Recovery points out that recovery will not just come from our social and political systems, but rather, it will come from a desire and a willingness that is deep within us. The emphasis of this book is on national recovery, and it is a must read for those who are determined to recover from eroding lifestyles and past losses.

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