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Spiked with a blue pill. Out cold for long time. Days spent sparko. When you come round you're different. Full on smarter: ramped up grey cells maxed. Genius. 

But blud, trying to dig up an ultra famous corpse was maybe a bit too clever. 

'A crackling underclass odyssey through the drug-fugues, psychogeography and morphing language of contemporary exclusion zones, Alistair Fruish's Kiss My ASBO is sink-estate science fiction, a crime yarn out after curfew or the pilot for a situation comedy in Hell, and it speaks with a sharply-observed and entirely modern urban voice. Recommended.' Alan Moore

'An incredibly original voice that freshens contemporary fiction - unputdownable.' Alex Wheatle 

'In ten years time everyone you know will claim to have read this book first.' Russ Litten 

'An inventive work of contemporary fiction from an imaginative, new and distinctive voice.' Yvvette Edwards 

'A grippingly riotous (in more ways than one) masterpiece from start to finish: an underclass classic that's fast, funny, inventive, touching, aware and, ultimately, achingly human. Marvelous, transformative stuff that hurtles along and leaves you hungry for more, Alistair Fruish's Kiss my ASBO is a truly remarkable piece of work. And pretty damn cool, too. Read it.' Steve Moore

'Where can I get one of those blue pills?' Barry Miles

'A mercurial shape shifter, in different lights and at the same time, it is a rite of passage, a fragile love story, a comic and a thriller. It should be on every school reading list - the Revolution could kick off. . . ' Sheila Mulhern

'…something completely original, fun, street and moving at the same time. Stylistically rich and grimy all at once…I loved it, first page to last. And the fight with the security men - classic. I was laughing out loud reading…it was so inventive.' Courttia Newland

'A fascinating, funny and brilliantly compiled guide to the 'nadsat' of today.' David Bowker

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noviembre 21
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Matthew Horner