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ICOLS features the latest developments in the area of laser spectroscopy and related topics in atomic, molecular, and optical physics and other disciplines. The talks covered a broad range of exciting physics, such as precision tests of fundamental symmetries with atoms and molecules, atomic clocks, quantum many-body physics with ultra-cold atoms, atom interferometry, quantum information science with photons and ions, quantum optics, and ultra-fast atomic and molecular dynamics.

The conference program comprised 14 sessions with 9 keynote addresses, 25 invited talks, and 3 hot topic talks. The speakers came from 15 different countries. Ever since the ICOLS conference series originated in 1973, its proceedings have been highly valued by many for capturing important developments in the field and offering the room to represent various aspects of specific research topics. The present volume contains some of the invited talks delivered at the conference.
Contents:Quantum Walks with Neutral Atoms: Quantum Interference Effects of One and Two Particles (Andrea Alberti)Muonic Atoms and the Nuclear Structure (Aldo Antognini for the CREMA collaboration)Doppler-Broadening Gas Thermometry at 1.39 μm: Towards a New Spectroscopic Determination of the Boltzmann Constant (Livio Gianfrani)Antiferromagnetism with Ultracold Atoms (Randal G Hulet)Optical Clocks with Trapped Ions: Establishing the 10-18 Uncertainty Range (Ekkehard Peik)Precision Measurement of the Newtonian Gravitational Constant by Atom Interferometry (Gabriele Rosi)Optical Sideband Cooling of Ions in a Penning Trap (Richard C Thompson)Bose–Einstein Condensation of Photons versus Lasing and Hanbury Brown-Twiss Measurements with a Condensate of Light (Martin Weitz)

Readership: Researchers and graduate students who are working in Laser Spectroscopy.Key Features:ICOLS is a highly prestigious conference series with a program of high quality. The topics are represents the most important progress in various highly active areas. This concentration of topics and quality of contributions cannot be found elsewhere

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