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Horse thieves, Romance and a lot of Mischief!

Samantha lived with her uncle, ever since her parents passed away. He could be a strict man, but she was stunned when he announced that she would be marrying Carson Edwards within a month. Edwards was old enough to be her father! And he was reported to be a cruel man. She simply could not marry him! With no other options available, she chose to run away. Eventually she hoped to land a teaching position, but until then she would try to keep to herself.

Gunshots forced her out of hiding. She couldn’t just ignore them, in case someone needed help. And someone did! One man was pinned, taking fire from three others. She scared off the would-be horse thieves with a few shots, first firing near their feet and then over their heads. But before she could escape, the man she’d rescued came to thank her. 

Mistaking her for a young boy, Cort Hadley offered her a job helping him to bring in his herd. Sam knew it was a mistake, but dang, if he wasn’t a fine looking man! And he was a much better cook than she was. As long as he thought she was a kid, she figured there couldn’t be any harm in it.

Mistaken identities create plenty of tension, and when her uncle catches up to them, all hell is about to break loose! 

This full-length sweet historic western has plenty of romance to keep you reading until the very last page! It contains the spanking of adult women. If such material offends you, please do not buy this book.

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septiembre 17
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