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Mail Order Bride: Living In A Swamp With Her Cajun Fisherman - A Gaelic woman decides to head for America from Ireland after finding a mail ordered husband. Little did she know how she and a Cajun fisherman in New Orleans would get along, despite language and cultural differences, and his ancient fishing boat that was their only means for making a living.

Mail Order Bride: The Cowboy’s Tiny Treasure - A Little Person who is an acrobat in a circus decides she wants a family and children more than anything else, so she corresponds with a cowboy out west who has children; the only problem is she never tells him that she’s the size she is and when she arrives in California, he is shocked when he sees the beautiful but small woman in front of him.

Mail Order Bride: Beautiful Clara & Her Short Cowboy - A woman decides that a husband in the Old West would be a match for her quirky personality, but finds that the short yet muscular cowboy she accepts for her husband does not appreciate her sense of humor. A major event later lets her have her personality back, but things are still far from easy even several years down the road.

Mail Order Bride: Inexperienced At Farm Life, A Woman Travels to The Angry Cowboy Farmer In Nebraska - A woman travels to Nebraska to become the wife of a cowboy farmer and once there, finds him distant, angry, and with a neglected ranch and his infant son, too. He lives in the past and all he can think about is his wife who passed away. The mail order bride is determined to take care of his son and win his heart but because of a drought and dwindling resources, it’s a very difficult path to tread. Almost at their wits end and about to move away, the small family digs deep and attempts to climb back to a normal life.

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Lisa Castillo-Vargas
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