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The third of the Knights of Arabia series of books and the first in the Muslim Knights line, this book contains some true Islamic classics.

Here you can read about:

Story #1: Salman Al-Farisi - The very first Persian Muslim who traveled near and far looking for the religion that made the most sense to him.

Story #2: Bilal bin Ribah - A slave who became a Muslim in defiance of his master and bravely clung to his faith despite being tortured and tormented.

Story #3: Ibn Al-Maghazilee - A talented young comedian who inadvertently offends a calipha and is then challenged to make the calipha laugh...or suffer the consequences.

Story #4: Eyas bin Mu'awiya - A devout judge who uses his wits and his powers of reasoning and observation to avoid doing what he fears most: making an unfair judgement.

Story #5: Nuaiman bin Amr Al-Ansari - A trickster who can never resist making mischief, no matter how much trouble it gets him into.

Story #6: Muhammad (peace be upon him) speaks to his Sahaba about the importance of kindness to animals and the dire consequences of cruelty to animals.

Story #7: An Ansari Family that makes a small but significant sacrifice in order to provide their unexpected visitor with the kind of hospitality they feel is due to a guest in their home.

Story #8: Muhammad bin Hisham must rely on Muhammad bin Zaid, a man whose ancestors were slaughtered by his ancestors, or face capture and execution for the crime of being the last surviving member of the Amawi dynasty.

Story #9: Abdullah bin Huthafa - A Muslim prisoner whose faith is tried by a curious and capricious Roman Emperor. Abdullah is offered wealth, he is starved, he is threatened with torment and death and then finally given an offer he finds irresistible.

Story #10: Suhaib bin Sinan - The first Roman Muslim is pursued across the desert by greedy and vengeful Qurashi men who wish to either murder him or rob him, preferably both.

Included in the ebook are two maps - one shows the locations of cities and areas mentioned in the stories, and the other illustrates the remarkable journey of Salman Al-Farisi.

Also by Aisha Bilal:

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2. Arabian Knights - Volume 2: In this second volume you can read about hidden tombs and lost wells, brave knights and cowardly murderers, an endangered crown prince and a man looking for his soul mate.

Coming Soon in 2013:
1. Muslim Knights - Volume 2
2. Islamic and Arabian Quotes and Proverbs - Volume 1

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