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Cheating on his boyfriend and getting caught in the act gets Bartholomew, Bart for short, a one-way ticket out of his happy home.


I was in another world, and my breath was ragged, as the blond’s voice became louder and louder. He was in mid shout and mid explosion, when I heard something.

It was a key in the front door lock – my boyfriend.

It wasn’t my finest moment. Slowly untangling himself from me, the blond rolled off the bed, gave Randy a half smile, then looked back down at me and seemed to realize that something very, very bad was about to happen. Dressing in silence, the blond didn’t say anything. Randy stormed back into the other room as I rolled out of bed and hastily dressed.

Randy was just standing there. Neither of us said anything as he waved his arm, showing me the way out. I knew I had taken things too far this time, but I just couldn’t seem to help myself. So I was on the road again.

I met a new guy soon enough and he followed me home. I didn’t say a word, letting him make all of the connections.

A very earnest look crossed his face as he groped into his pants, like he had to summon every ounce of concentration to explore that region. He then hauled out a piece that made me gasp. It was amazing.

Well, that changed the game for me. He looked back up at me as I sat up and slid out of the jacket. I licked my lips but didn’t move, not out of any sadistic pleasure, but because I was faced with a challenge. Looking back up into his face, I saw the same happy-go-lucky cute chatter box that had been yammering at me all evening and it suddenly dawned on me that he didn’t even realize what he had.

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