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Set in the high mountains of western USA and narrated by Clement, a somewhat reclusive fellow a bit beyond thirty-something, My Friend Orkney is a celebration of gay sexuality in all its wild diversity in steamy action and private speculation. Clement and friend Orkney, a handsomely vibrant thirty-something Scotsman, find themselves in a relationship that is certainly loving but not strongly defined. The arrival of three cross-country hikers, two white and one black, causes a rippling of sexual interest during an encounter on the Hookarap River. Enter authority figure Chief Ranger Jim Fleetwood. But before the steam can be allowed to escape all these boiling libidos an emergency has to be attended to: getting Clement and Orkney's runaway truck out of the river. But all is not lost. The hikers return in a few days and, given the convenience of coincidence, things unfold as they would in a scenario involving six healthy, good-looking and, some would say, shockingly uninhibited gay men. In Jim Fleetwood's more or less remote ranger station (and later in a cave in a desolate 'desperado camp' and still later in the leafy seclusion of a mountain spring) the hikers, Radio, Hobo and Spike, and Clement, Orkney and Jim all seek as much carnal knowledge as they can find in all the best places of so many nicely available bodies. Pairing off in their inclinations of the moment, these men share an afternoon of some really hot hours that end, as they would, but with a feeling of mutual gain just for having had the opportunity to be themselves among themselves. But it is Clement and Orkney who derive the greatest benefit. Their relationship, for having been tested, is now more clearly defined in terms of who they are as individuals and who they are as a couple. My Friend Orkney is an erotic read of provocative imagery and even now and then offers a compelling thought. Get it and get good. You bet!

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agosto 25
Danny Stampede
Smashwords, Inc.

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