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“What is she doing here Clara?” Sarah asks quietly.
“Cade invited her here for dinner tonight. Didn’t he say anything to you about it?
“No, he didn’t,” as Sarah started toward the stairs.
When dinner was ready, Clara walked in and let Cade know it was time to come in the dining room.
He looked over at her, “Clara, where is Sarah.”
“She will not be joining you for dinner tonight. She said she is not feeling well.”
“She will be here for dinner. He looked over to Lily, “Will you excuse me Lily?”
“Oh Cade,” she sighed, “No, leave her in her room. We do not need her here with us every minute.”
Cade jumped up from the table. “This is my home and I make the decisions on who I invite to my table.” He stormed up the stairs two at a time. He knocked on the door. When Sarah did not answer, he knocked again.
She opened the door and he stormed in.
“Get dressed for dinner Sarah and be down there in ten minutes.”
“I am not interested in dinner Cade. I do not feel well.”
“That is not true. It is just because of my choice of guest.”
She turned away from him, “I will eat later when I am hungry.”
“No, you will eat now while it is hot and fresh.”
She argued with him but knew there was no use.
He walked up to her and turned her around, “If you want me to dress you that can be arranged, you will come down to dinner.”
“Get out Cade and leave me alone.”
He sighed, “If you are not downstairs in ten minutes, I will be up for you. Is that clear Sarah? If you lock this door, I will break it down.”
As mad as she was, ten minutes later she walked down the stairs and in the dining room.
Cade stood helping her in her seat and sat down next to Lily.
“Oh, Cade don’t waste your time with her. Why didn’t you just leave her alone? She could have eaten in the kitchen, and we could have enjoyed dinner together by ourselves. I am sure she was busy working around this house.”
She stared over to her, “Get it right would you. I am a nurse Lily and I take care of Cades dad.”
“Sarah, watch your mouth. Lily is my guest. Eat your dinner and be quiet,” Cade shot her a nasty glance.
“More reason for you to leave me alone. I told you I did not feel well.” She could not understand why Cade insisted on her having Dinner with them.
Sarah felt like she could not breathe. She needed to get out of here.
As soon as dinner was over, she excused herself. She went upstairs and changed in her jeans. Cade heard her come down and watched as she slipped out the door. It was dark and cold for a spring evening and she did not stop to get a jacket. She ran as fast as she could away from the ranch.
Cade caught a glimpse of her running across the field. “Lily, wait for me in the living room would you. I will be in there shortly.” As soon as Lily left the kitchen, Cade went to the door to find Sarah. He ran in the same direction as she did. Finally, he spotted her again.
He overpowered her with his long legs. Grabbing her, he swung her around to him. “Sarah where are you going, you are not running out here after dark. Now go back to the house.”
“Cade let go of me, I am not afraid of the dark. Nothing will hurt me out here. You are the only one that does that.”
“You are not going to stay out here so do not think that I will let you.”
“Cade, I will come over in the morning. I am not living here to take any more of this nonsense from you. It has nothing to do with taking care of your father. I will be back every morning, or I will find another nurse for your Dad that can take your abuse. You are too mean. You let her treat me so poorly knowing, I cannot say anything to her because she is your guest.”
“No, I won’t let you leave. You made a promise to my father, and I am going to hold you to it. You signed the contract, if you expect me to continue to help your brother, you will honor it.”

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abril 5
BJ Deephouse
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