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The Most Comprehensive and Detailed Guide to Understanding And Dealing With Narcissists You'll Ever Read.

Whether it's family members with an overblown ego or a friend who's extremely self-absorbed or a colleague at work that's driving you insane with his sense of entitlement, we've all encountered a narcissist at some point in our lives, and the experience is never a pleasant one.Narcissism is a personality disorder that is often difficult to deal with. Once associated with famous people and corporate mavericks, it has become more widespread with the proliferation of social media and other modern conveniences.In this insightful guide, Alex C. Wolf pulls back the curtain and gives you the inside look on how the brain of a narcissist works, why they think the way they do and gives you techniques and strategies to deal with narcissists without losing your sanity.Here's a sample of some of the tools you'll discover in this book:
Understanding the thought processes of narcissistic individualsPersonality disorders related to narcissismFoolproof methods to identify a narcissistRecognizing personality disorder traits and how to protect yourself against themHow to live with a roommate or family member who's a narcissistIdentifying and dealing with narcissistic abuse...and much more!
Deeply profound and highly applicable, Narcissism is an incredibly thorough guide that is founded in established psychology and real-world observation that will help you put an end to the vicious cycle of narcissistic abuse and take back control of your boundaries.

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