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Mail Order Bride: The English Woman & Her Damaged Cowboy - A woman from England decides to get out of London and seek a husband in California and after corresponding with a cowboy, makes her way there. There is nothing to do when he’s gone for weeks at a time and she begins to get restless, until an idea about owning their own mercantile store forms. She is nervous about asking him but after something happens to her cowboy, she sees hope on the horizon.

Mail Order Bride: The Divorced Bostonian & The Texas Rancher With A Difficult Mother - A woman from Boston, used to the high society there, decides to head west to the wide open spaces of Texas in order to be with her new fiancé and unknown to her, his very difficult and stubborn mother. She does her best to work with the mother but finally, things come to a head and she makes a difficult decision.

Mail Order Bride: Woman & Child From Louisiana & The Cowboy Rancher In Texas - A woman and her daughter from Louisiana decide to travel to Texas to join a cowboy rancher who is yearning for a new family to call his own. They settle in and both mother and daughter become attached to the lonely cowboy and join with him in a mutual love for the ranch animals and family life. There are obstacles to overcome and the winter snows provide the first major crisis of the year.

Mail Order Bride: Trying To Forget Her Past Life - A woman who lost her husband and child, moves west and to a man who is nothing but kind. However, she simply cannot forget the memories that haunt her every waking moment and she finds relief only when she’s sleeping.

abril 20
Beth Overton
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