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Erotic stories of hot sex in wild places…on a plane ride home, with old man Adams, with a midnight stranger, on an unusual amusement ride, in public places…and much more.


After too many days and nights of heat and humidity, the air was cool enough tonight to sleep with the window open.  Marty slid the glass and propped it open with the sawed off part of a tree trunk his old man had given him.  The only threat to him in his apartment on the fifteenth floor was a bird flying in and pecking him to death.  He fell asleep quickly.  The recent heat had seemed to drain every ounce of energy from his tired body.

He thought he was dreaming when a gentle breeze blew across his body, blowing the sheet upward and exposing his hot naked body to the air.  It made him shiver until he felt the heat from the hand that gripped his thigh.  The warmth felt good and his shivering body relaxed as the hand crept upward.  Marty’s thighs parted and he moved against the bed, back and forth, feeling the tension in his body heighten.  He felt smooth lips and soft kisses move upward along his back.  He turned his head and sighed and opened his eyes slightly.  Then he panicked.  He tried to sit up, but the stranger held him to the bed, this man who had dared to enter his bedroom.

“Don’t make a sound,” he whispered hoarsely.

“Who are you?” he dared.

“I’m your midnight lover, Marty.”

“How do you know me?”

The man wore a mask and Marty could see only his eyes, but he was certain that he had never met him.  The voice he did not recognize.  He tried to turn onto his back, but still his midnight lover would not allow it.  

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