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Marlo is an omega Tundra Wolf with the York Pack up in northern Alaska, but he is not like the other omegas. Marlo has a mind of his own and he likes to use it. He doesn’t sit around all day dreaming of an alpha coming along to claim and dominate him, or of becoming a slave to that alpha. Although Marlo does dream of a dominant mate, someone to master his body and his pleasure, but he wants someone that will look at him as an equal. Marlo doesn’t want to be completely subservient to anyone. He is the assistant to his pack alpha and loves being independent. Marlo is proud that he is the only omega in the pack that has learned how to fight and take care of himself, but he fears the day an alpha comes along and puts a claim on him because surely that alpha, like almost all other alphas, would want an omega as they expect him to be, quiet, submissive, and basically their slave in all things.

Fane Heart is an alpha/beta who is on the run with his best friend Oberon. The two are running for their lives and need somewhere to hide, but neither can think of anywhere that they wouldn’t be found by their Vampire nest leader, Julius. With nowhere else to go, Fane thinks of his cousin Ridge, who is now the alpha to his family pack of Tundra Wolves up in the northernmost region of Alaska. As much as Fane never wanted to step foot in the tundra again because of his shame over something horrible that he had done when he was younger, Fane knows that to keep him and Oberon safe and alive, he needs to push down his pride and ask his cousin for help.

When Fane goes to live with the York Pack, a sister pack to his cousin, he thought it would be hard enough learning to live in such a dark, deserted, frozen wasteland, so finding his mate comes as a big shock and Fane has no idea what he is going to do. But when his omega mate takes one look at him then runs, Fane is not only confused but suddenly wants his mate.
Can Fane change Marlo’s mind before the little omega runs from him again, or will the threat against him rear its ugly head in the tundra and keep him from his mate for eternity?

octubre 22
Maggie Walsh
Smashwords, Inc.

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