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When Amy’s father developed the new software to land our fighter jets safely on the deck of the air craft carriers, he did not realize he had put his only daughter in such danger.
Amy had just finished college with a horticulturist degree and landed a great job at a florist, which she loved. She had her own apartment, and life was good to her. That is until someone kidnapper her and held for ransom in exchange for the computer chip.
Her father had hired outside security to watch over her, but she was abducted just before they started. Now it was up to Wade, with the help of Max to rescue her and keep her safe until the men were caught that took her. It took them all weekend to find her and with the help of a farmer with a combine, they had her back. Wade pushed her into a helicopter and flew her to his working ranch, which was in another state and used as a safe house for these instances. It would be on lock down now until this case was over. Amy had no idea who these people were. She felt safe with Wade, but needed to see her dad. The men who kidnapped her abused her and took pictures, sending them to her father, and she needed to talk to him. As much as she enjoyed the dude ranch, riding horses and spending time out on the range with Wade, it did not take her long to realize he was holding her captive also. She tried to escape several times, but he never let that happen. He kept telling her to be patient, and he would open the gate for her and let her walk out. She did not realize her dad was keeping the fact the Wade worked for him a secret from her. As much as Wade would like to build a relationship with her, he was working and could not forget that. She was beautiful, and he wanted her for himself. Maybe after this was over, he would pursue it a little further. He needed to touch her body and hold it closer for his own pleasure.
The ranch was a six hundred-acre horse and cattle farm. Everyone on the ranch trained in self-defense and carried a rifle on their saddles for protection. The ranch work was done on horseback and everyone was proficient at it. The only other way someone could enter the ranch was from the air without going through a guard, and someone was on duty twenty-four hours a day. When the helicopter approached the ranch, Wade sprang into action. He was riding back with Max, Sam and Amy from the river after fishing all afternoon, and security was right on top of it. They ran for the tunnels, but Wade took a bullet trying to keep Amy safe. No one would tell Amy where he was or let her go to him. She had fallen in love with him now, but they forced her to stay at the ranch while they took him to the hospital in a chopper. She needed to stay with him since he took the bullet in the chest that was meant for her. This was the second time he put his life in danger for her.
Now that the danger for her was over, she had a new problem on her hands. Wade was over protective, controlling and very secretive about what she could and could not do in his home. He would not allow her outside and anywhere near the barn. Sparks would fly often, while they learned to get along. She was not ready to give up living just yet. He would have to learn to deal with it if he was not going to talk to her because she had a few plans of her own.

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