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The Advanced School on Quantum Foundations and Open Quantum Systems was an exceptional combination of lectures. These comprise lectures in standard physics and investigations on the foundations of quantum physics.

On the one hand it included lectures on quantum information, quantum open systems, quantum transport and quantum solid state. On the other hand it included lectures on quantum measurement, models for elementary particles, sub-quantum structures and aspects on the philosophy and principles of quantum physics.

The special program of this school offered a broad outlook on the current and near future fundamental research in theoretical physics.

The lectures are at the level of PhD students.

Contents:The Physics of Quantum Computation (Giuseppe Falci and Elisabetta Paladino)Quantum Information in Communication and Imaging (David S Simon, Gregg Jaeger and Alexander V Sergienko)Electron Systems Out of Equilibrium: Nonequilibrium Green's Function Approach (Václav Špička, Bedřich Velický and Andĕla Kalvová)A Geometric Approach to Dislocation Densities in Semiconductors (Knut Bakke and Fernando Moraes)Quantum Transport: A Unified Approach via a Multivariate Hypergeometric Generating Function (Ailton F Macedo-Junior and Antonio M S Macêdo)Time-Dependent Coupled Harmonic Oscillators: Classical and Quantum Solutions (Diego Ximenes Macedo and Ilde Guedes)Event-Based Simulation of Quantum Physics Experiments (Kristel Michielsen and Hans De Raedt)Lectures on Dynamical Models for Quantum Measurements (Theo M Nieuwenhuizen, Martí Perarnau-Llobet and Roger Balian)Towards a Wave Resolution of the Wave-Particle Duality (Andrei Yu Khrennikov)Emergence of Quantum Mechanics from a Sub-Quantum Statistical Mechanics (Gerhard Grössing)The Zero-Point Field and the Emergence of the Quantum (Luis de la Peña, Ana Maria Cetto and Andrea Valdés-Hernándes)Kerr-Newman Electron as Spinning Soliton (Alexander Burinskii)Elements for the Development of a Darwinian Scheme Leading to Quantum Mechanics (Carlos Baladrón)Reality, Causality, and Probability, from Quantum Mechanics to Quantum Field Theory (Arkady Plotnitsky)

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