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Enthusiasm for research on the quantum Hall effect (QHE) is unbounded. The QHE is one of the most fascinating and beautiful phenomena in all branches of physics. Tremendous theoretical and experimental developments are still being made in this sphere. Composite bosons, composite fermions and anyons were among distinguishing ideas in the original edition.

In the 2nd edition, fantastic phenomena associated with the interlayer phase coherence in the bilayer system were extensively described. The microscopic theory of the QHE was formulated based on the noncommutative geometry. Furthermore, the unconventional QHE in graphene was reviewed, where the electron dynamics can be treated as relativistic Dirac fermions and even the supersymmetric quantum mechanics plays a key role.

In this 3rd edition, all chapters are carefully reexamined and updated. A highlight is the new chapter on topological insulators. Indeed, the concept of topological insulator stems from the QHE. Other new topics are recent prominent experimental discoveries in the QHE, provided by the experimentalists themselves in Part V. This new edition presents an instructive and comprehensive overview of the QHE. It is also suitable for an introduction to quantum field theory with vividly described applications. Only knowledge of quantum mechanics is assumed. This book is ideal for students and researchers in condensed matter physics, particle physics, theoretical physics and mathematical physics.
Contents:Quantum Field Theory:Quantum MechanicsQuantum Field TheoryCanonical QuantizationSpontaneous Symmetry BreakingElectromagnetic FieldDirac FieldTopological SolitonsAnyonsMonolayer Quantum Hall Systems:Overview of Monolayer QH SystemsLandau QuantizationQuantum Hall EffectsQuasiparticles and Activation EnergyField Theory of Composite ParticlesComposite Bosons and Semiclassical AnalysisQuantum Hall FerromagnetsSpin TexturesHierarchy of Fractional QH StatesEdge EffectsStripes and Bubbles in Higher Landau LevelsQuantum Hall Effects in GrapheneQuantum Hall Effects in SiliceneTopological Insulators and QH Effects without Landau LevelsBilayer Quantum Hall Systems:Overview of Bilayer QH SystemsSU(2) Pseudospin StructureBilayer-Locked StatesInterlayer Coherence and Josephson EffectsCommensurate and Incommensurate PhasesSU(4) Quantum Hall FerromagnetsBilayer Quantum Hall Systems at ν = 2Microscopic Theory:Overview of Microscopic TheoryNoncommutative GeometryLandau Level ProjectionNoncommutative SolitonsExchange Interactions and Effective TheoryRecent Experimental Developments:Overview of New Experimental DevelopmentsReal-Space Observation of Quantum Hall StatesCollective Excitations in Integer and Fractional QH SystemsHyperfine Interactions in Quantum Hall RegimeMicrowave-induced Nonequilibrium PhenomenaSuperfluid Properties of Electron BilayersQuantum Hall Effect in ZnO
Readership: Advanced undergraduates, graduates and researchers in condensed matter physics and particle physics.

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