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RaGa was a son of Princess Ariana and an ordinary man, Ezra.

Princess Ariana died in an accident.

When she died, she was pregnant.

But when Ariana was buried, her family did not know if the baby was still alive or not. The baby, who was supposed to be alive, died in the grave.

Princess Ariana died uneasily and became a mysterious spirit. She cried while looking her baby.

Finally, by the mercy of The Majesty, He revived Ariana’s son.

For no one from Princess Ariana's family knew about this, The Majesty allowed Ariana to nurture her son and gave the name, RaGa.

And for the kindness and pure heart of Princess Ariana during her life, she was given a grace to transform herself to become a Bright Angel. But, Ariana must pass some tests and times before turning into the Bright Angel.

In nurturing RaGa, Princess Ariana faced some temptations, such as facing the Darkness Prince, Asmodeus, who wanted to marry her. The Prince knew, if he could marry Ariana, he could also turn into the Bright Angel.

Therefore, the Prince tried so hard to get Princess Ariana to become his wife.

One of his brutal ways was killing the lovely man of Ariana, Ezra. He intended to make Ariana submit herself to him.

This was the trigger of hostility and resentment of RaGa to the Darkness Prince.

RaGa tried to avenge the murder of his father, Asmodeus. RaGa was conscious about his ability in facing Asmodeus. He was weaker than Asmodeus, unless he could get nine Sacred Relics. The Sacred Relics were able to give power to defeat the Prince.

But, to get the nine Sacred Relics was not easy. All the relics were protected by the chief executives of the men of SATAN, the Darkness King.

RaGa must achieve all the nine Sacred Relics and grab it from the nine chief executives. It means, RaGa must overcome them.

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diciembre 2
Wim Irwan Tanudjaja
Wim Irwan Tanudjaja