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"Rayan - Son of the Desert" describes the fascinating life of Sheikh Rayan Ibn Sedat Suekran al Medina y Nayran. The exciting plot, brimming with action, begins in the present day, where Rayan, a powerful and revered ruler, is fighting his enemies as they threaten to cut his life short. Formed from an upbringing of hostility and savagery, the sheikh repels the onslaughts with an honour and bravery that is intertwined with merciless brutality.

And yet as this barbaric world rages on around him Rayan finds himself in a surrounding that is even more hostile and unknown to him: one of romance and love. Meeting a woman unlike any he has previously encountered Rayan's life begins to take a twist in a direction he could have never imagined.

As the plot develops the journey leads back to his childhood and adolescence where Rayan was forced to flee his tyrannical father. Having been cast-out he barely escapes certain death through the use of a cunning yet lucky ruse and is driven into solitude. Alone, he manages to build a new life, until the past catches up with him and he realises that a destiny that he perhaps hid from himself, must once more be faced.

And then there is his connection to the United States …

Carina Hartmann is a modern woman from Munich, drawn to Arabia by her fascination into the story behind the sheikh. Torn between her revulsion for the cruelties which she witnesses and the unbounded attraction she has towards the handsome ruler, Carina is unable to shake herself free from this unfamiliar world until she has reached her objective: the legendary Zarifa, the homeland of Rayan.

The adventure continues in the sequels "Rayan - Between two worlds", "Rayan - In the Eye of the Storm", "Rayan - The Sting of the Scorpion", "Rayan - The Blood of Zarifa" and "Rayan - In the Light of Revenge" (All of them available only in German language).

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