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Diplomatic chess-game, True danger of Ponzi scheme and Women's squad in a bikini

In the middle of the idyllic preparations for their honeymoon and exchanging of the traveling plans for their boats, the land mines on Jimmy's island went off.  Lucky, he and his friends were just arriving.

While trying to identify two Chinese men who attempted to kill him, Jimmy is briefed about the transpiring picture to overtake Panama by three other Central American countries. Who is the mastermind behind the plan? Harding's intelligence agency sorted all details while CIA with the strong position in Panama didn't have a clue.

NYPD detective Demmote gets the cold case to reopen - investigation of missing four corporate tycoons.  Two years from the retirement he understands this step as a punishment for not accepting a female partner Bette Fielding.

Her brother, analyst in CIA brought a new lead to their investigation, while reassigned to the case of Columbian Ponzi scheme artist Marcos Glosser, who escaped from US prison.

Don't forget, this is just a political fiction, even it sounds real. The author successfully incorporated recent heads of Central American countries to the story and made the political background believable.

Revolution of Fools easy follows the narrative of the first book of Jimmy Hart Series (Murder in Panama) and creates the atmosphere of familiarity with the characters and their dealings, while they are developing and living a life of their own. Hart rules is the third and Coin of the Realm the fourth. All are stand-alone books, connected by the main character Jimmy Hart.

Ficción y literatura
noviembre 4
Blair Pacific Publishing
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