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Rodeo is the original American sport. Every little boy wants to be a cowboy at some point – and no wonder. Cowboys embody the American genius like no other breed – tough, stoic, self-reliant, unambiguous individuals who take no crap and make their own way in the world. And in rodeo cowboys, especially rough-stock riders, you'll find that American genius distilled to a pungent, unignorable essence.

PRCA rodeo was probably at its best during the 1970s, especially the last half of that decade. That was before the PBR siphoned off a lot of the good bull riders, when saddle bronc riding still had plenty of contestants, and when bareback riders still knew how to keep their chins tucked and maintain some control. Professional rodeo was, quite simply, different than it is now. It was perhaps purer and less complicated. One thing's for sure: a lot of the rodeo riders of that period rodeo-ed because, above all, they just flat loved the life and the promise of freedom. Just listen to some of Chris Ledoux's very early work, and you'll understand.

Ride On plunks you down right in the middle of professional rodeo rough-stock riders, the good ones and the not-so-good, and allows you to live a little of the rodeo life along with them. You'll come away with a better handle on the elusive feel and flavor of rodeo.

Join Michael Anders, Jim Ed Sarkos, and Kirby Jordan as they travel from Goshen, Texas, to a wandering in western Kansas to New Canaan, Iowa – where Michael's hopes lie and where Jim Ed and especially Kirby show their true colors. Accompany them through all the broncs, bulls, bruises, beer, and, of course, women. Vicariously experience what rodeo life was (and still is) like for the majority of the cowboys.

Pull your hat down, get a good seat, and get ready to ride!

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Michael Hearing
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