Self-Esteem for Men: 5 Simple But Overlooked Methods to Start an Inner Journey and Which Will Stop You Being a Doormat

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Do you have a negative self-image?
Is hard for you to say: ´No´?
Do you compare yourself with others all the time?

Then keep reading.

Do you compare yourself a lot with others who are in a better position than you? Only to talk yourself down? Maybe you say to yourself that the others are better and smarter. Or that you don´t deserve what they have reached for whatever reason.

Do you have this inner-critic talking to you all the time? It´s needless to say that this inner-critic will not improve your self-image. This inner voice will not increase your self-worth.

Low Self-Esteem is not something you´re born with, but something you have developed, often during your childhood. This means there is also a way back. Back to your healthy Self-Esteem, you had when you were a baby.

You have come to the right place.

Here is a tiny fraction of what you´ll discover in Self Esteem for Men:
What you can learn regarding your Self-Esteem from Thomas Edison (page 3)7 signs that indicate that you have a low Self Esteem (page 5)A Self-Assessment Q&A to determine your current level of Self Esteem (Chapter 5)The 6 base components to build your Self-Esteem so you can be confident at work (Chapter 2)The 6 best NLP based techniques you can use to improve your Self Esteem and share your opinion easier (Chapter 4)Step by Step guide to eliminate your bad habits so you will be thinking more positive about yourself (page 21)
And much, much more.

Fair warning.

Having healthy Self-Esteem as a man can have some side effects.

Just to name a few:
You will get respect from friends and colleaguesWomen will find you more attractiveYou will stop doubting and stop comparing yourself with others.Your inner-critic will stop talking to you.
If you are wondering if reading a book can help you improve your Self-Esteem. Stop worrying. This WORKBOOK is jam-packed with exercises. There is no such thing as one-size-fits-all. The exercises will help you get you from A to B. They are designed to give you lasting results on your improved self-image.

It´s time to build your Self-Esteem as a man, let´s start today by scrolling up and clicking: ´add to cart´.

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