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A couple drinks of Jack Daniels and a beer chasing Haldol was Carrieann's recipe that helps her have the nerve to take the next dose of Jack Daniels, beer and a pill. Every time she overdoses and wakes with the charcoal all over and inside of her, she knows it's always followed by a fresh prescription of Haldol.

She's pissed off at the world, her parents for beating her and her siblings and stealing her first baby, her six sisters that she can't find, men for beating and raping her, the people who stole her other five children, her uncle Roy for raping her when she was little, and her two older brothers for beating and raping her most of her child-hood. She gave birth to a total of six baby girls counting the one that died, a still birth Wandering Bandana aka Nanna.

After hitch-hiking for most of her life, searching for her children with no luck, her only recourse was to take it out on herself for letting them do this to her. Sometimes eating hog or most any animal's brains scrambled with eggs and onions or pig liver fried with onions makes her happy and euphoric. Then she forgets about chasing for her kill, now she lets them come to her.

Her beauty is so irresistible that she attracts male and female nurses and orderlies who always takes her home with them of course to fuck and suck. Just like the Six Eyed Sand spider she doesn't have to go out looking for prey they come to her then she attacks with syringes loaded with Haldol.

Actually she only likes certain parts of human's bodies which were the brains fried with eggs and onions and livers fried with onions, but she always favored the brain.

Carrieann considered doctors to be very important and she wouldn't hurt them. She needs them because to her they're stupid and always send her out with a fresh prescription of Haldol. She didn't get her start on Haldol from the streets or free world doctors. They were prescribed to her during her last stint in prison. Her stomach ulcer exploded and she was in a coma for nine months during her incarceration. Due to previously being diagnosed with schizophrenia, the doctor prescribed her Haldol. For two years she was in solitary confinement, with a room-mate because it was in the medical part of the prison. All that time she was hiding her medications in the bottom of her mattress in a hole she created. She rarely ate anything making sure her stomach would be empty so that her plan will work.

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Nellie Cake
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