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Trucker's lives, dicks and balls all over America were in danger. There was a gorgeous blonde naked hitch-hiker Darlene traveling on the highways. She had assumed the personality of a Funnel Web spider over the years.

She grew up with two older brothers and an her uncles beating and raping her and her six sisters. There were two older sisters and four that were younger than Darlene. So she started her life already pissed off at men, but especially truckers. Her oldest brother was a trucker and he raped her a lot and she was beaten and raped by a few truckers in their old neighborhood, in the trucker's huge beds in the back of their expensive trucks when she was nine.

There were five younger brothers, but they were good to her and always tried to protect her, but they weren't around when any of it was happening.

Their dad was a Pentecost Oneness Evangelist, a Charlatan and constantly beat all the kids. He sent his own kids off anywhere he could as soon as he could. He would put them in halfway houses, prison, jail or just run them off.

Darlene left home after her uncle Roy on her mom's side, who was also a trucker, beat and raped her. One day her uncle Roy promised her a ride to go see grandma in his big truck, but she didn't want to ride with him. He forced her get into his truck and pushed her into the back where there was a huge bed. She doesn't remember the details about the sex because it's too traumatic.

When Darlene got a few years older she went into hiding for a couple months. Taking only a few books and a computer to study taxidermy. She had a lot of plans that would utilize this knowledge in a big way. After that she never saw her brothers or her six sisters Laura, Evelyn, Carolyn, Harley, Valerie, and Carrieann ever again. Darlene always thought, "Maybe when we're older we could chase each other down."

She always imagined different scenarios of how she wanted to kill her two older brothers, but never followed through.

After she left home she enjoyed riding with truckers because they always have coffee, speeders and usually travel a long way. They also park in remote, quiet places.

She bought a razor sharp, bad-ass Sawzall and a leather back-pack and started carrying it everywhere she went. Sometimes she would stay naked while she had her thumb out, this insured a trucker would stop for her. She never accepted rides unless it was a trucker for many reasons. The main reason was that she loved cutting their dick and balls off in their nice, beautiful, expensive semi beds because it was like wrapping their sorry asses in a funnel web. In a closed space, in their own blanket before she exited the truck.

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12 de marzo
Nellie Cake
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