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Jared held on the wheel hoping the car would stop soon. When he woke, he realized someone was talking to him. He reached for the window and lowered it.
“Are you alright Mister?”
He shook his head trying to clear it knowing it was impossible to see an angel outside his window.
“I am a cardiac ICU nurse. Can you open the door? You ran off the road and hit a tree.”
“I want to see your eyes. Do you feel any pain right now?”
He shook his head no and looked up at her.
“If you can move, we need to get you out of the cold. I have a jeep, and I can take you where you need to go after we stop at the hospital and make sure you are okay. Do you have anything in this car that you need to take with you tonight?”
“Yes, my brief case in the back seat.
“Well you do have a voice. Are you in any great pain right now?”
He shook his head no and tried to get out of the car. She helped him out and walked with him to her Jeep. He leaned back against the seat closing his eyes knowing he would not make it to the party tonight. He arrived earlier today from Italy to meet this new boyfriend of his sisters before she became too involved in him.
“Do you want me to drive you to the hospital?”
“No, I am fine, just a little shaken up. I will have to call for a ride. I had no idea it would be this bad out tonight. Just give me a few minutes, and I will be out of your way.”
“I live up the road about a half mile. We can stop at my place and let me look you over just to make sure you are all right. You can call from there.”
“Thank you, it is very nice of you to stop.”
“I am a nurse in a hospital. It is what we do.”
“Tonight I am happy you do.” She was beautiful and there was no way he could leave before he spent some quality time getting to know her. His one track mind was in tack as usual when he met a beautiful girl, so he must be fine. Now if only he could seduce her tonight life would be back to normal. He was on a very tight schedule since his dad’s heart attack, but he needed some rest to unwind for a few hours after the accident and taste the fruits of life with his new companion in his arms. This was the perfect place and it was the weekend. Checking on his sister would have to wait a day or two.”
Over the next few days, he loved her in every room of this little house not always remembering a condom because she was so hot. He could not remember touching a woman that was this real. She was alive in his arms and she enjoyed pleasing him as much as he did her. When the weekend was over, he sent her into the shower knowing the chopper would be here soon to pick him up. He needed to work and he would leave for Spain.
Kaylee waked out of the shower and heard the helicopter in her back yard. She opened the door watching as Jared jumped in. The chopper rose and left her standing alone wondering what happened to her perfect man. He did not even say good-bye before he left. He never called to explain or came back to check on her. She spent the next two hours looking out the window hoping he would return. Maybe this was all a Dream.

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BJ Deephouse
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