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If you liked I am Legend then you will love tagged... A MUST Read!... Absolutely the Most Original Doomsday Scenario I've Ever Encountered...A well-written hybrid between a dystopian thriller and zombie horror story...
Voted #1- Best Zombie Books Ever! 1 Required Undead Reading #1 High Body Counts
Voted #1- The Devil You Know...#1-Awful People Doing Awful Things (Bad Guys!)
Voted #1- Best Anti-Hero (Hate That You Love These Guys) #1 New Editions of Horror
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Tagged - as in the Universal Tagging Program. No one may buy or sell without the new chip implanted beneath the skin.

They own the night. These zombies are a new breed and fast; hair like women; teeth like lions and sharp claws. They hunt in overwhelmingly large packs like a plague of locusts. The government and military are overrun, retreating underground and leaving the populace to fend for themselves.

Lucky for Sven and his Cannabis growing crew they find shelter in a nuclear power plant. The lights keep them at bay - at least for a while. But how long will it last?

In the lawless environment they survive by their own code until the Government and military return to establish a new world order.

Fast, deadly zombies and end times biblical prophecy meet in this compelling new look at the apocalypse.

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mayo 15
Joseph Chiron
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