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"Have you seen anyone around?"

"That's me," stated Ron with no outward expression.

"What?" Jennifer's sure she hadn't heard him right.

"That's me…ummm, he's me. I can't explain it Jennifer but ever since last night, I've felt funny, like something in me is missing. I think it's…I'm following us."


Ron Davis's statement was enough to scare the crap out of Jennifer Holden, his best friend, because she'd been seeing things too -- especially in the back in the back room off the kitchen. The one her parents had forbidden Jennifer and her little brother to enter…which was okay by her since she'd no intention of stepping one foot in there.

That is until her terminally ill cousin takes up residence in it setting in motion a horrific turn of events; putting her and the entire town in mortal danger.

"Tainted Blood: Face Your Demons" is book one in a series of high school to adult, paranormal horror novellas. Action packed, suspenseful, thrilling yet sensitive, this first installment brings beings from two opposing dimensions together under one roof.

Imagine the specter from your worst nightmare adopting and trying to raise two sweet, young teens; trying to keep them safe while something dark and dangerous stalks and ravages the natives of Cleveland and you'll have all you need to read this new coming-of-age horror classic.

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Just a note to my Dear Readers:

This is book one of a series. I have written each COMPLETE book (these books have beginnings, middles and endings and DO NOT contain cliffhangers) to be read as a standalone story - if you choose to do so - however, each following book will build upon its predecessor. With that being said, please be aware that as the books progress, (they span over many years in my characters' lives), I may occasionally allude to a person, circumstance or event that has taken place in one of the previous books.

As with all my stories from the flash fiction, to the novels and all those in between - I aim to include you in my characters' lives, not exclude.

Need more information or just wanna talk to me personally about your views on horror, dark fantasy and/or post-apocalyptic/dystopian fiction? Then, please feel free to contact me through Draft2Digital. 

Thank you and enjoy.

Nina Hobson

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Nina Hobson
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