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Table of Contents

1) Desperados for México or, South With The Wind
2) My Señor Will Be Very Angry! Or Another Mexico Welcome
3) Sunset on Playa Paraíso or, A Gringo Gets His Gecko
4) Slide Mountain Hazard or, Fire in the Sky
5) ShowTime at Sun ‘N Fun or, A Splotch In the Ol’ Logbook
6) Beto Makes His Point or, No Time For Polite Conversation
7) Revenge of the Electra Flyer or, Cowboys Go Flying
8) The Comandante Gets His Gringo or, Busted… on an Easter Morn
9) Pilgrim’s Progress or, A México Flying Adventure
10) Hand Gliding With Dangle Dale or, “Sure Looks Like He’s Holding On To Me!”
11) Dust Devils for Desayuna or, Breakfast of Champions
12) Mexican Ambush In The Night or, Two Gringos, Too Stoned…
13) Lorenzo’s Lesson or, Who’s Lesson Is This Anyway?
14) Leche Anyone? or, Just Like National Geographic in the Guatemala Highlands
15) Fuel Stop From Hell or, Busted Down, in Old México
16) Encounter Over Donner Summit or, HAND gliding with… a LEAR!
17) A Gringo Goes to Guatemala or, Getting There is Half the Fun
18) The Euro Rally Southwest or, Culture Clash with Wings
19) Amoniaco or, A Real Mexican Road Hazard
20) Big Air or, Slide Mountain Payback
21) Trouble At The Sheriff Bar or, A Twisted Tale of Drunkenness And Despair
22) XC to the Fruit Stand or, A Short, Meaningless Adventure
23) A Pit Stop on the Mexican Riviera or, Just Another Mexican Road Hazard…
24) Glideheads Visit El Salvador or, No Pesos Among Thieves
25) Ants In His Pants or, Terror In The Sky
26) Louie Goes For The Goat or, Little Bo Peep
27) Pedro’s Pot or; Quick Bring the Whiskey and Women
28) Ole’s Patented Hole In The Ground or A True Gruesome Story
29) Grandma’s Farm or, My Journey Home
30) Hangbabble or, The Glidehead Glossary

Ficción y literatura
agosto 10
John Quinn Olson
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