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Thank you for your interest in TEFL Teach and Travel 2. ‘Two, to, too…’ Symbolizing that this is the second book addressing many issues readers from the first book had, and will answer in more detail here. Your interest in this book demonstrates your inquisitive nature regarding this unique career opportunity. Here you will learn in detail how to make a dramatic lifestyle change allowing you to be more geographically flexible. You really can travel the world without being a tourist. You really can pay off debt working in a tax-free environment. The thousands of teaching opportunities that become available daily are at your fingertips, and within a very short time, you can be packing your bags and jet setting to some remote tropical destination, or frozen tundra wasteland. There are hundreds of available English teaching jobs in just about every country, and every corner of the globe desperately seeking someone special like YOU to teach them English.

Briefly, I will highlight the basic requirements ‘how to’ become qualified to Teach English as a Foreign Language, review the certification process and teaching methodologies covered in training, and most importantly will dive deeply into how to score the best contract for you. Every job offer is as unique as the person applying.

I will share several success stories of what to do, and epic fails to avoid, detailing what not to do, as well as share many wonderful ideas that will help you succeed as a foreign language teacher.

Finally, I invite you to like “The Universal Teacher” Facebook group where you can personally ask the author questions and interact with others throughout your own personal journey.

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