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A hard-charging attorney on the cusp of achieving the capstone of her career collapses after a flawless cross-examination during a high-profile case, and her doctor orders her to take time off. The forced vacation is the opportunity Nora Riendeau needs to reconnect with her aunt Midge and the happiest days of her life in Sigwaun, Maine. In the seven years since Nora last saw her, Midge has turned to beekeeping to generate funds to run her farm, and she shares her days with a beekeeper named Avril and Nora's former girlfriend, Johanna, who is literally rebuilding her life.

A week into Nora’s stay, a powerful storm ravages Sigwaun, and the four women join forces to help the town rebuild. Despite her sense of belonging, Nora is an attorney with work to do, and she is compelled to return to her career in Boston. It doesn’t take long though for her to begin questioning the decision because she returns time and again to the lessons of the bees, and she can’t seem to shake free from their passion for life and home. Nora knows she needs to make a choice, and the only question that matters is whether her truest passion lies in an adrenaline-filled Boston courtroom, or with the amazing women at Aunt Midge's apiary.

Ficción y literatura
junio 23
Bywater Books
Perseus Books, LLC

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