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The Science of Living With Patience and Understanding

Table of Contents
Why Can’t We Admit That We Are Wrong?
Have the Strength to Take the Blame
I Am Always Right – Can’t You Do Anything Right?
I Just Hate That Habit of His/Hers
Living with Showoffs
Bringing Up Baby
For the Sake of Argument!
Open Windows On Your Mind
Listening to Your Views with Patience

How many times have you heard a person tell you brightly, that they could achieve some particular goal, or do something, but they do not seem to have the patience. In fact, they are quite proud of the fact that they leave things half way, because they do not have the patience to complete it.
Others are going to tell you all about losing patience with another person, who does not see their point of view. And then the argument gets to be really acrimonious, and friendships break, because of a loss of understanding and patience on the part of one stubborn person.
Well, the science of living book is going to tell you all about the importance of patience in your life, when touched with understanding.
I remember an instance, when I was traveling with a couple of friends, in their car, to visit some more friends for the weekend. This was the first instance that we were driving down to their weekend cottage in the country. The atmosphere was very pleasant, and we were looking forward to amusing times, with friends, when one of those all too frequent arguments started up between the husband was driving and the wife was reading the map.
I could see that we were well and truly lost, and would inevitably not keep our luncheon appointment. We do not have the GPS installed, because it had not come into vogue, lo those many years ago. So arguments over Map reading were extremely common, and many of us who remember such instances in our own lives are going to smile reminiscently.

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