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Volume 1 of The Stranger Master series!

When a mysterious stranger suddenly starts telephoning and texting Katherine, the happily married, work-at-home housewife at first thinks it's all a harmless, slightly kinky game.

But soon, Katherine finds herself drawn to the stranger in a way she had never quite imagined...!

With her emotions in turmoil, her sexual appetite bordering on the ferocious and her marriage in jeopardy, Katherine must decide who she really belongs to.

Herself? Her husband? Or the mysterious stranger on the telephone...

Book Excerpt

'Hello Katherine.' A man's voice. Deep, cultivated, refined.

'Hmm, yes, this is Katherine. Who is this?'

She took another deep pull on her cigarette and found herself turning her head to exhale. She did not want the caller to know she was smoking.

'My name is not important.' said the voice. 'There may come a time when I choose to share that information, but until then, Katherine, our conversations will be about you, not me.'

Katherine was confused. Her mind raced. Was this a joke? Some weird sales pitch? Or had she just answered the phone to some perverted nut? Was she being harassed right now, right here in her own kitchen?

Her impulse was to hang up, not say another word and just press the red end-call button. Yet that voice, deep, rich, it's rhythm and cadence almost hypnotic.

Praise for The Stranger Master:
"I loved this book I thought the story plot could be a reality. A little scary though with a stranger."

An interesting approach to a new relationship between a Master and sub.

Ficción y literatura
enero 19
Port Vendre Press
Draft2Digital, LLC

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