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It's time to plan your visit to the most visited city in South America...

Are you a tango addict? Are you looking to explore tango further? Or do you simply want to go on an adventure to somewhere new?

No matter how long you have been dancing tango or if you dance at all, you owe it to yourself to experience the culture, the nightlife, the food, the streets of the home where Tango was born. Each year, several millions of tourists come to Buenos Aires, making this beautiful city the top destination in South America, and second in Latin America after Mexico.

The next visitor may as well be you.

Is it safe down there? If you have never been to South America, such doubts may arise amongst your family or friends. Concerns such as this are understandable whenever we decide to visit a new destination. The author shares lessons learned, key findings, and a collection of helpful resources to help a fellow first-time visitor adjust faster and better to the land of tango.

Here is a sneak preview from the section, "Where can I stay?":
"This depends on your budget, length of stay, and local connections.

For short-term stays of a few days to a month, you can stay in hotels (comparatively pricey), tango houses (moderately priced, starting at 20 to 30 USD a day), hostels (affordably priced, typically with shared rooms) or at apartments through rental agencies (competitively priced).

One such rental agency that we used is ByT Argentina, which we highly recommend. The website includes detailed pictures and pricing information for rentals categorized by neighborhoods. They have good service, responded very quickly to issues during our stay, and our experience overall was smooth and seamless. We had an issue with the heat late one evening and were able to call and speak to our contacts at ByT Argentina, which was very assuring and gave us peace of mind. The building manager came the following day and the minor issue was resolved in less than 24 hours.

If you wish to travel and live like a local, there are even more affordable options that can work out well with sufficient due diligence..."

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noviembre 23
Jon Yu
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