The Trumpets of Heaven

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Book IV completes the Witness Series. If you have not read Books one through three; you may be a bit lost. But this story does catch you up quickly.
Books one and two (Enoch, Elijah), are still free to download.
In authoring Book IV; I was challenged by interpretations of ‘The Time of Sorrows.’ Specifically, The Seven Trumpets. These events have interpretation after interpretation, as the Seven Seals. Google; ‘end times timeline.’ You will receive thousands of images and opinions.
I choose my own interpretations; coupled with other popular opinions of what John wrote in Revelations; Daniel in the Book of Daniel; and Matthews recording of Jesus’ words, in the Book of Matthew.
This book as the other four, relies on the Book of Enoch. The 200 demons; in my opinion are real and live among us today. They are the fallen or the one-third; and definitely, have a leader.
Several of them were bound by Enoch, for seventy generations or 4900 years.
Assuming Enoch bound them, at say the age of 300-350, (5,269 years ago) they were bound until around; 1600-1650 AD. This time period; is when our world began changing. America was founded, and science started moving forward. For example; Newton invents calculus, world colonization, Descartes’s Principals of Philosophy, released.
I truly believe from this point forward; the fallen with Lucifer, took over our world, using the founding of America. The timeline matches civilization, moving away from the dark ages. These concepts are covered in detail; in Books I and II.
Am I right? I have no idea. Therefore, if you have a different interpretation; then you as I, will join the millions who have theirs.
Biblical language is difficult to understand. John never saw a modern world; his descriptions are cryptic. He tried to interpret what he saw, as he put his vision in writing. I do not envy John. Two-thousand years later; we still do not agree on what John, David, or Matthew; saw in their visions.
I did my due diligence. I realize, what I have chosen to write; is only a story; not meant to be the final word of what may happen when these two witnesses appear on earth. However, this story gives the reader the experience of hearing the reporting and analysis from the news media, as The Trumpets unfold; one by one.
Book IV covers Elijah’s triumph over Israel not accepting Christ; as he converts the 144,000.
Book IV covers the Coronation of Cain, his assassination and resurrection.
Book IV ends, with the execution and resurrection; of Enoch and Elijah.
In between, there are a few surprises in both Israel and New Babylon.
I hope you have enjoyed my books.
Samuel David

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27 de septiembre
Samuel David
Draft2Digital, LLC

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