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Whether you’re toiling through the depths of thesis research, about to embark on further study or supervising others on the journey, these 23 stories will entertain and inspire.

At times humorous, poignant and uplifting, there’s plenty to learn from the struggles and success of those who survived a thesis to tell the tale. The real-world advice and hundreds of tips and tricks will help you make the most of this significant stage of your life.

Professor Kate Kearins completed her PhD in 1997 focusing on power relations in local government. Since, she has reoriented much of her research towards business engagement with sustainability. Kate has authored over 100 academic papers, with more than 50 of these appearing in refereed journals on an eclectic mix of management, organisational and accounting topics. She favours interpretive and critical approaches, with an emphasis on discourse, textual and case-based methods. She has been joint-recipient of several international awards for case research and won the AUT Vice-Chancellor’s award for Excellence in Research Supervision in 2009.

Dr Marilyn Waring is known internationally for her groundbreaking work in political economy, development assistance and human rights, and for her classic work, Counting for Nothing – what men value and what women are worth. In New Zealand she is a distinguished public intellectual, a leading feminist thinker, and an environmentalist. She served 3 terms in New Zealand’s parliament after election at the age of twenty-three. Professor Waring works in the Institute of Public Policy at AUT University, focusing on the supervision of post graduate theses. She has been a Member of the Board of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand, the Councils of Creative New Zealand and Massey University, the QEII National Trust, the Institute of Judicial Studies, and is a member of the Boards of the Association of Women in Development (AWID) and the Canadian Index of Well Being.

From deep fug to ‘What was the question again?’, from maintaining momentum to permanent hair damage, this book is a must for every ambitious student, would-be supervisor, and university administrator. – Dr Ariel Salleh, University of Sydney

This fantastic resource is packed full of stories about the highs and lows of being a thesis student and practical tips on getting the most out of the experience. I strongly recommend this book to anyone contemplating, already enrolled in or supervising thesis research. There is invaluable advice and much to share with family, friends and colleagues. – Professor Judy Brown, Victoria University of Wellington

In the early stages of my PhD journey, I found this book comprehensively helpful. The honesty of the contributors about the realities of their experiences and technical details on things like organisation, methodology and writing provided much assistance. It’s a great read. – Sue Bradford

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