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Think2Write is the new iBook version of the popular Essay Czar, Essay Writing Workstation and Essay Writing Wizard apps created by Niles Technology Group, which sold successfully in the App Store for 8 years, from 2009-16. 

Includes detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to properly understand, develop and organize 25+ different types of essays! Never again get stuck or confused when writing any type of essay. An essential essay writing tool for college and high school students! 

Below is a list of all essay types included in this writing guide:

Analysis Essay

Approach Paper

Argumentative (Persuasive) Essay


Book Report


Cause and Effect

Character Analysis

Choice Essay

Classification Essay

College Admissions

College Scholarship

Compare and Contrast

Creative Writing

Critical Essay (Critique)

Deductive Essay

Definition Essay

Descriptive Essay

Evaluation Essay (Personal)

Evaluation Essay (Source vs. Source)

Exploratory Essay

Expository Essay

Five-Paragraph Essay

Historical Analysis

Narrative Essay (First Person)

Narrative Essay (Third Person)

Opinion Essay

Response Paper

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Used in over 400 schools by schools that acquired bulk licenses and personally bought by high school and college students, these apps were listed multiple times as top language arts apps and featured several times in the App Store and other publications. These apps brought critical thinking-based essay writing via mobile devices to students who were never before systematically taught this type of writing.

The content from these popular writing apps has been consolidated, re-edited and improved to place more emphasis on the analytical and critical thinking approach that our proprietary content brings to learning how to write well. We also added new services, such as a monthly critical thinking digest that keeps students engaged in the thinking process of writing well. You can learn more about Think2Write on our Patreon portal: www.patreon.com/think2write

Essay writing is a very effective and practical way to develop higher-order thinking skills because to write a truly fluid, organized essay one has to think critically to write well. Hence, our new name, Think2Write, which better describes how we teach students how to write - that is, we first teach students how to analyze and think logically about what they are going to write, before they even pen their first word. The best writers are astute thinkers first, then, as thinkers, they choose their words and become writers.

Learning this approach to writing has other benefits far beyond writing essays. By actively incorporating the fundamentals of analytical and critical thinking into the writing process, Think2Write students strengthen their ability to absorb and properly utilize other learned information.

Think2Write is the one iBook every student who writes essays should have!

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