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Kristen and Jason were both excited to attend the convention this year and just by chance, they sat next to each other in the classes. They immediately started talking to each other and soon after, they were going to dinner and enjoying each other’s company. They were both young and the classes were only going to last a few days. “Come on Kristen let’s get out of here, shall we, it is the last day we have to spend together so let’s go dancing tonight. Tomorrow we will have to pack to go home.”
“Okay but let me call my dad and let him know where I am.”
She called back to the motel room and explained to her dad, that she would be out late. She did not want him to worry about her. She was going dancing with one of the guys in her class. He said that was fine because he was going to have dinner with the ranchers he had met again, but she was not to stay out too late. She agreed, knowing her room was just down the hall from his, but he would not hear her when she came in if she was quiet.
Jason took her to a night club that had live music. It was great, and they spent most of their time out on the dance floor. They had a few drinks together and enjoyed holding each other while they danced. By the last dance of the evening, they were holding on much tighter, touching each other everywhere and his kisses were so hot and sexy she melted in his arms.
“Kristen, will you come back to my room with me for a while? I am not ready to give you up yet. It is still early.”
“Maybe for a few minutes. It will be a long day tomorrow Jason we both have to load the horse trailers.”
“I know you have to get up early, so do I, and we will not be long.”
When they arrived at his room, he pulled her in and closed the door and locking it behind them. He pulled her into his arms rubbing his body over hers and kissing her senseless until he convinced her to stay with him. He took her out of her clothes and made slow passionate love to her until she could not breathe. When she could, he did it again and a third time until they both finally fell asleep in each other’s arms. It was the most exciting night of her life. She was disappointed when she woke, and it was almost daylight. She knew her dad would be waiting for her once it was. She slipped out of bed, dressed quickly and headed for her room, so he would not know she had not been in her room all night.
That seemed like a lifetime ago. Nothing in her life was the same since. Thank goodness for her parents and their love for her.
Finding him again would be like a needle in a hay stack but that is what her dad wanted to do because every little boy should know who his dad is. Now he just needed to get these two hard headed young people together again. If they liked each other enough to create a baby, they could learn to get along again and raise their son together.
rest of her life.

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