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“The author remains an inspiration to me and many others who are in constant need of new information and revelation for ministry to the children of Ishmael and Missions.

This book is fresh from the throne of grace, for me, knowledge has just been unveiled to us and when I found it, I devoured it.

The book to me is first and foremost a healing balm. It exposed the hidden and silent anger and hatred in my heart towards Ishmael. It made me to understand that my responsibility is to wage warfare of peace on them, and the instrumentality of my warfare is the gospel of peace. I can wage this warfare of peace everyday and anytime with every part of my body.

I now know better that the Ishmaelites are in desperate need of peace and I am the peacemaker who has been endowed with the ability to give them peace. Whenever I wage peace on them, I am blessed in return (Matthew 5:9). I must see them as they are (perishing sinners in desperate need of what I have to offer-the gospel of peace).

I recommend this book to all believers who want to see the will of God done on earth as it is in heaven; believers who are in desperate need of solution and guidance on how best to approach evangelizing the children of Ishmael.

Let us arise and wage peace on Ishmael.”

Godwin Aluge, Missionary, Nigeria.

   “I have had the privilege of reading books published by the author and have been immensely blessed and spurred into actions by them and by the life and commitment he blazed. Waging Peace on Ishmael is a timely material that can bring healing to the hurts and answers to the mind-boggling questions.

This book, in my humble opinion, is an attempt to bring the church into a correct perspective of where God stands NOW as far as Ishmael is concerned and to bring the church to stand with God on this prophetic time of harvest.

I sincerely recommend that every believer in Christ read this book and take action and that churches use the material as a Bible study resource in equipping the saints for ministry among the Ishmaelites.” 

Engr. Innocent Areh, Zonal Coordinator, CAPRO Southeast CASTs

“I have read and also listened to the author speak in conferences about his book Ishmael in the Presence of His Brethren, which has challenged many nominal and earnest Christians alike to accommodate and evangelize the children of Ishmael in our midst. Now he is pressing further with this striking title: “ Waging Peace on Ishmael”.

I must admit that “Waging Peace on Ishmael” is a reality of our faith, but it is easier in theory than practice for many of us. I remember many years ago, as I travelled to Jos shortly after one of the several religious crises there, I met a Christian girl whose entire family was slaughtered by her Ishmaelite neighbors. I know the shock and pain was so deep in her that I cannot imagine myself or John even by joke asking her to “Wage Peace on Ishmael”. However, if we are to present Christ and Christianity as it is, we will discover that the striking title “Waging Peace on Ishmael” is neither fanciful nor theoretical but the true Christianity. As such, this book is a reminder of what we have lost as Christians and a healing balm to the prevailing resentment of many Christians today towards Ishmael for his wild donkeyness. This book challenges us to evangelism and mission.

I, therefore, recommend this book to all Christian churches, ministries, fellowships and individuals who yearn to see Ishmael our brother partake in the peace which Jesus offers, and as a healing balm to countless Christians, who like the girl in my story, might have been hurt by descendants of Ishmael and have decided to resent them.

As we prayerfully read this book, may He who has saved us and given us true and eternal peace too heavenly for the world to comprehend help us to fulfill our obligation of waging peace on Ishmael.”

Mu’azu Oken, Missionary, Nigeria.

This is a good and practical book on reaching out to those the author believes descended from Ishmael, the other son of Abraham, with the gospel of salvation. The best way to enjoy reading and benefitting from it is not to look at it strictly from the biblical exegesis, but from the author’s passion for winning lost souls in particular and in the context of the Great Commission in general. Read and get practical ways of evangelism to the “descendants of Ishmael.”

Namani J. Nharrel, Calvary Ministries (CAPRO)

Waging Peace on Ishmael is a book that really blessed me. The title is a captivating oxymoron that summarizes the focus of the book: we must be intentional, calculative, creative, strategic, serious and goal-driven in our bid to show our brothers, the Ishmaelites, the peace they can find only in Christ Jesus.

In this age of increased hostility from the camp of Ishmael, and the resultant bitterness and hatred from the Christian folk, the church needs to be reminded of what the Master Jesus desires from her.

We must learn how to wage peace on Ishmael. It is everyone’s responsibility. This book is a rare gem I’ll heartily recommend to every serious Christian living in this age and time.

Dr. Nonso Amaechi, Diaspora field worker.

This book exposes our ignorance of God’s plan for the descendants of Abraham’s other first son. Many Christians wish God would wipe out Muslims. Such an evil wish stems from the ignorance of God’s redemptive mission among them. But seeing God’s promises and plan for Ishmael from this book is a testament to the fact that the descendants of Abraham’s firstborn son are in God’s agenda.

We have used over the years the word “wage” only when we refer to wars. We have not fully understand the divine plan of God for the children of Ishmael.

This book, Waging Peace on Ishmael, is an eye opener for every true believer who wants to see God’s redemptive plan unfold among the Muslims.

Sheikh Abdul, Missionary Aid Fellowship (MAF)

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