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“Without thinking he instinctively took hold of the body’s forearm, to steady it while he cut the rope which held the wrist onto the wheel. With a sensation which made Emmett feel physically ill the charred flesh moved under the pressure from his fingers. It slipped up the bone of the forearm and exposed the still slightly pink flesh remaining underneath. Emmett swallowed hard, then caught the first sickly smell of burnt flesh - and immediately felt the bile begin to rapidly rise in his throat. He let the forearm go, as if it remained hot to the touch, and grabbed the reassuringly solid spoke of the wheel. For a second there Emmett felt an overwhelming sweating and swimming sensation, as if he was going to faint. The feeling of the hard burnt wood was a pleasantly firm sensation to his fingers after what they’d been holding.”

Jake Base – the Texas town sheriff makes another appearance within the pages of this novel.
Here though the story is not about Jake, his family or his life.

The leading character is a new name to these pages – Alex Sawicki.
Young Alex’s family suffer terribly at the hands of the Apache – both parents killed and his younger sister Sarah taken captive.

A group of men, unaware of the rather unique background of one of their band, head out into the wilderness of New Mexico to dig for their fortune.

In Santa Fe there’s a well respected wagon master with failing eyesight - recruiting for another trip up the Trail to Missouri.

Unbeknown to each of them the hand of fate is ready to play a major part in all their lives.
Together they will meet and unite with a common goal.
To bring Sarah safely home once again!

Ficción y literatura
enero 2
Chris G. Derrick
Smashwords, Inc.

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