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The final battle for the souls of men has come. 

Brenna is isolated. 

Courtesy of Nez, the ruler of Sogo, she now has a Temis Belt to accompany the Suque he infected her with. As a result, she is possessed and no longer has access to her power. Meeting Talon in dreams is no longer safe because the Suque has made plans to betray Nez and rule Sogo - at Talon’s side. Until the city falls, she’ll have to rely on wit and will to deal with the Suque, the Temis Belt, Nez, and his army of Nightshades. She fears she is no match for all that has combined against her. 

Talon is out of time. 

Brenna claims she loves him, but she remains in Sogo with Nez – by choice. He doesn’t agree with her reasoning. Each time he comes close to gaining her freedom, something or someone stands in his way. He’s done all that’s been asked of him and more. If she doesn’t come to him, he will go to her. His choice will end in death or finally having a life with Brenna, who may or may not choose him. It’s a chance he’s willing to take. 

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Michelle Erickson
Michelle Erickson

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