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Percy was feeling himself until his mobile roller phone rang.
hello. Perchy said.
Wassam Big dog Donte said from the other end of phone.
Tell me something good? Percy reply. Some dudes out the St. Bernard projects got a new dope spot popping and two females out the Lafitte projects got a new set too. Donte told Percy.
Is that right?
yep that right! I told you, your beef is my beef ya hear me
Get it on then you have my blessing Percy told Donte
Yeah, them n****s out the Bernard talking about how easy it was to jack a Cuban for 10 bricks
Wait, wait, wait a minute. Percy said in a calm, cool but collective voice because he knew never told no one how much dope was missing and now dude saying to much.
dont worry, dont worry my man. Percy told Donte before he hang up the phone.
Percy leaned over and grab his rolled up 100 dollar bill and sniffed three lines of that dope then took a long swallow from his Hennessey bottle before laying back going into a finer nodded. Perchy didnt give a fuck but long as mother f****r was dying blood being spilled behind something he created, that is all that matter. All the pieces was coming together to do with his sister but he just couldnt put his hands on it. Percy was caught off guard as the F.B.I. surrounded him in the police boat. The two naked Cuban females ran down to the bottom of the boat. Percy leaned up and took another snip of the dope because he knew the feds had to have some on him.
The murder of a two year old Cuban girl name Myia, sends blood spills in the streets of New Orleans, leaving every dope dealer with a price to pay. The only plan Donte has is to cover the blood on his own hands.
Tonight was on of them night where the homeless people wish they had air condition in their card boad boxes under the bridge in the big easy. Then the humility is very high with dry heat no wind blowing and mosquitoes flying around your head. It be so much dry heat that if you walk one block your clothes will start sticking to your body from the tempter that the humility admits down here in New Orleans ya heard me. But that was the last think on Donte and Omars mind.

They was driving down North Causeway Blvd. headed towards Metairie, LA.
Man dont let that white Lexus out ya sight. Donte told Omar.
They was following Mary home, Percy sister.
Donte had her route down pack it couldnt get no sweeter then this ya heard me.

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marzo 19