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I thought my life was crazy before…yeah…should have probably addressed that 'turned' thing before we closed at five today.  The issue…no longer insignificant!  I've been receiving weird messages at work and feeling as being followed for some time.  I blew it all off at first…until some local incidents drew our focus back to the existence of more created 'turned' that aren't going away. 

I started sleepwalking again too and having this dream about a cave in a mountain where something is calling for help.  We can't put any of it together ourselves.  Unknown to us, our little world, was set on a path for collision…with worlds we never knew existed. 

"We knew about our world and the other realm."  Erik's smiling face, telepathically breaking my inner monolog.

I giggle.  "Yes…I knew it was there, but never knew the people.  Get out of my head so I can finish my thought."

Anyway…our newest case warps our world even farther then it was twisted before.  Discoveries from the other realm surface.  And…I found out what spirit was calling me to the mountains…and why?  Met some pretty cool people along the way.  Really left me saying to myself, as I scratched my head.  "How small is this town?  Really?"  Although that Native American lady didn't seem too happy with our presence at all. 

"And those guys…they had to be altered…no one is that huge without taking growth hormones or something.  The one even made Thomas say 'DAMN'."

"Erik…WE are the ones not average size for our species."

"Wait…You said I was a 'stereotypical vampire'.  I am also 'unaltered'."  Erik scoffs.

"Sweetie…I meant you're pretty, like a stereotypical vampire."

"Oh sure…now you tell me size doesn't matter."  We laugh hysterical hearing 'Dear God!'  from Ray in our heads at Erik's comment.

There's just too much to explain…so please…join us on our adventures to stay as close to home as possible, while still making ourselves useful of course.  Biding our time until my little cousins arrive.  Find out the answer to the craziest questions that arises from this…What happens when worlds collide?  Individual beliefs systems are tested.  All of this ends with one crazy chase to find a mermaid and a stunning selfie with Bigfoot.  Trust me…had to be there!  There is no way to adequately describe how messed up my world is…just buckle up…and enjoy the ride.

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