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Our narrator hopes to maintain his new relationship with the talented musician Bobby James, who is handsome, charming, and twenty years his senior.  But then everything seems to change when they head off together to spend the entire summer of 1976 in the sexual candy store that was Provincetown, Massachusetts.  In no time at all our narrator is greeted by a rival—the dangerous Jake Holman; a distraction—the charming John Alegria; an obsession—the handyman Heath Woodford; and enough new encounters to make his head spin.

Will the relationship survive?  The narrator must learn to swim in uncharted waters.  Luckily, he finds some new friends to help him on his journey:  Bunny Babbit is a wise-cracking Black drag performer with uncanny perception, and Anita Lopes is a middle-aged housewife and mother who shows our narrator just how deep a heart can go.  But not until he passes through profound grief and even violence can he manage to do some growing-up and finally find his voice.

YOU'RE SURE TO FALL IN LOVE is funny, erotic, moving, outrageous, romantic, silly, irreverent, exuberant, sassy, gripping, memorable, even inspiring, like the era itself.  It is the first installment in Bruce K Beck's Love Trilogy.  Watch for the following titles:  LOVE AND THE EPIDEMIC, set in New York City in the mid-1980s, to be followed by AND LOVE ENDURES, set in the early '90s, the finale.  From Audacity Books, New York: 

Bruce K Beck is both a writer and an accomplished chef.  He is the author of PRODUCE: A FRUIT AND VEGETABLE LOVERS' GUIDE, which was called "gorgeous" by The New York Times, "a dazzler" by Bon Appetit, and "the most spectacular food book of the year" by The Boston Globe.  His next book was THE OFFICIAL FULTON FISH MARKET COOKBOOK, which was called "invaluable" by Jacques Pépin, and "a treasure" by Irene Sax of Newsday.  And Rex Reed said, ". . .you'll love this book.  It's like a movie!"

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