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Most youth workers across the world look for ideas, inspiration and practical advice to help them with their ministry, and most of us don't look beyond our own country for advice. Yet there is an incredible wealth of practical wisdom available from vastly experienced youth pastors around the world to help answer core issues such as: how to look after your own soul; relate to parents and senior church leaders; get organised; lead in evangelism; communicate efffectively with young people; lead a team; care for youth; balance ministry and family life; work with schools; and how you know how you are called (to youth ministry) in the first place!  

First Half Leadership publishing has spent over two and a half years painstakingly bringing together the wisdom and stories of eleven experienced youth pastors from ten different countries on each and every one of these core issues. Youth Ministry Across the Continents contains over 160 years' worth of international youth work experience gained over the last three decades! 

Inspiring, practical and educational this book will provide you with brilliant nuggets of wisdom you'd never thought of - just read the foreword by 40-year veteran U.S. youth pastor and professor Len Kageler - and give you a broad range of perspectives while reinforcing principles common to youth work across the globe. Read the editorial reviews from Christian leaders from various nations.

You will find yourself comparing and contrasting their stories and reflecting on your own ministry, wherever you live. Other youth leaders across the world with poorer online access can now buy the paperback version -  it recently reached India and will soon be in Nigeria, Pakistan and the Philippines.   

Many of the contributors are still serving as local youth pastors - men and women serving in different nations, cultures and denominations. Despite significant challenges they have lasted the distance and have seen God do amazing things in the lives of young people.

Youth Ministry Across the Continents is accompanied by the website www.firsthalfleadership.com where you will find videos introducing each contributor from each of the ten countries. This book will open your eyes to see that God reigns over the nations and is clearly at work in the lives of young people and youth workers across the continents!

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