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This audiobook contains adult content and is therefore for mature listeners who are legally able to consume adult content.

If you really want to do well with the ladies, then what you need, perhaps, is not any kind of normal run-of-the-mill cheesy game tactic. What you need, rather, is the most powerful game strategy of them all. I’m talking about dad frame!

You might be coming from a place where you don’t even know what dad frame is, or you might assume that dad frame is simply assuming the role of a father and nothing more, and I’m here to tell you that you have a lot to learn if that’s what you think.

If you didn’t know it, then let me tell you right now, that dad-frame is the most powerful game tactic that exists, and this book has been created to drill everything about dad frame into your head.

Why dad frame you might wonder? Because there is simply nothing more powerful than dad frame! It is the ultimate frame of game that you need to master, and if you can master dad frame, well then you don’t need any other form of game for the rest of your life. Because dad frame is the ultimate form of game! If you didn’t understand it the first time, then let me be clear, dad frame is the ultimate form of game!

You might be thinking, "Well, isn’t dad frame a type of game for old guys only?"

I’m going to answer your question one time and one time only. Your age doesn’t matter with dad frame. I don’t care how young or old you think you are, dad frame is exactly what the name implies: it is a frame, and it is the most powerful frame that exists in the entire game ecosystem!

I’ve seen younger dudes pull off dad frame like champs, and of course older men will do just fine with it. In fact, the best guys at game I know all implement dad frame.

So if you’ve never heard of dad frame before or have previously underestimated it, well this book will set you straight. 

Jason R. Gray
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29 maart
Walter Spitzerstein