Elastic Minds: What Are You Thinking? (Unabridged) Elastic Minds: What Are You Thinking? (Unabridged)

Elastic Minds: What Are You Thinking? (Unabridged‪)‬

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Elastic minds are creatives who reimagine ways to create businesses, define how people engage in learning, and create tools to change markets. People who possess the ability to think elastically produce game-changing outcomes that are available globally. 

Creative abilities are highly desired attributes by most people. Musicians, artists, and business innovators are highly admired by people with an appreciation for achievements beyond the ordinary. In popular culture, fans celebrate the performance of others to the point of devotion. Most of the people we admire often have the gift of the elastic mind. People with elastic minds have the ability to hit the winning basket during a basketball game, sing with grace and feelings, or innovate the next technology that changes the business landscape. 

The skills of the elastic mind are, at times, the gifts we’re born with or the results of sweat and tears. Either way, we have the "can do" attitude that empower the creative and innovative spirit within. In the chapter titled "The Power of Observation", Tracy Treacy describes her journey as a private practice therapist. Dr. Dave Martinez highlights his journey as a high school principal in the "Continual Learning" chapter. Kevin Castle, managing director of a technology consulting business, is profiled in the "Climbing the Mountains – Clearing the Hurdles" chapter. In the chapter "The Story of Getting There", Tammy Hawkins, managing director at Experis, tells her story. Richard Dolman, vice president at Agile42, gives insights into his leadership experience in the "Smaller and More Frequent Delivery" chapter. 

Alicia McLain, business owner of Operational Innovations, highlights her growth as a leader in the "Learn Fast – Inspect and Adapt" chapter. In the chapter "You Don't Know It Until You Do It", Jill Freeman Stack, principle at Jill Stack PR, gives her testimony about her career growth into business ownership. James Wright, Agile marketing coach, tells his story of triumph in the "Check the Rearview Mirror: chapter. In the chapter "Pay It Forward for Those Who Follow", Wes Kliewer, director of learning at Project Insights, tells his story. Bobby Cooper Jr., owner of El Cheapo Lift, shares his powerful moments of courage in the "When You Fall, Stand Again" chapter.

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